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Welcome to the 

Tantra4GayMen Community

Hello and a Massive Welcome to you ….  we are Jason and Ingo, founders of Tantra4GayMen. A big heartfelt Welcome to you!

This is a Tantra4GayMen Community. It's purpose is to celebrate the Tantra4GayMen community, teachings, knowledge, practices, and values.
Its intention is to bring you a platform to practise what we teach at Tantra4GayMen: Personal and spiritual growth through our own version of Tantra, where deep, loving, conscious and meaningful connections and the exploration of conscious sexuality are at the centre of our practice.

We welcome you as part of our Family if we resonate with you. 
  • You feel connected to and/or intrigued by Tantra4GayMen and by what we teach.

  • You feel connected to and/or attracted by the Tantra4GayMen community.

  • You feel connected to us and/or attracted by the Tantra4GayMen teachers and facilitators - Jason, Ingo, Armand, Pep, and the other Tantra4GayMen facilitators.

  • You feel a genuine interest in practising the amazing and transformative practices that we bring at Tantra4GayMen.

  • You have joined some of our in-person events, or you are intending to do so in the future. 

Our Main Community is for Free

What this Tantra about?

  • Spiritual: We offer you many ideas and philosophies to support you living your live on your spiritual path. The roots of Tantra come from Buddhism / Hinduism, Tantra4GayMen is the modern day approach that encompasses all of you.  
  • Sexuality: When we say sexuality, this is more than how you experience you sex today, this is where we not only embrace ourselves but get to explore how we can channel our sexual energy for spiritual profound experiences. Rather than unsatisfying sexual experiences, you'll get to learn techniques and practices that can give you sensations you've never experienced before.
  • Personal Growth: Here, we step into our confidence and grow our capacity to achieve our dreams and grow stronger as a community in order to fully open and experience life when it is great and to have the support to look at things that hold you back.
  • Lifestyle: This is more than what we eat and how we exercise. Here, we want you to feel Tantra4GayMen is integrated into your day to day life. When you are in the supermarket check out queue, your thoughts might drift back to the love you felt earlier in one of our classes. 
  • Family: We know this can be a challenging thing and triggering topic. No matter your past or your relationship to your biological family - no matter how close or distant, here, family means unconditional of each other, compassion that we are all doing our best to do this thing called a Life, and celebration of each other as we move through life.

Imagine Living an Ecstatic Life full of joy to be yourself, knowing you're loved and feeling peaceful bliss no matter what room you walk into.

You get to step into this warm, welcome, safe space that you get to call home. No matter where you've come from, what you've been through. No matter if you've felt isolated or like there isn't a place you belong, this is where you get to finally breathe a sigh of relief at getting to be yourself. You get to smile, be recognized and feel understood.

Welcome to Tantra4GayMen, the loving family (you may have not had before) who is joyful to have you as you are.

We are a close knit community of men who love men who want to express and explore ourselves in ways that might be difficult in the day to day world. Here you can be open, express your emotions, share profound experiences both in our shared body practices, energy sessions and rituals. We are an intimate, sensual, loving, supportive family and we are advocates of each other's spiritual journey through Tantra. We’ll hold you when you feel down, hug you when you are finding it difficult, smile with you when you laugh, and be sensual with you when you’re intimate.      
We would LOVE to welcome you into our Tantra Temple that is our Community. Into a place where it feels good to be you. Where you can express yourself freely and you can have whole new experiences in your body and soul that you never imagined. We are here to make you feel Happy. 

& ..... For Just $29.50 per month (Free In App til April 1)

Level Up to our Online Programme

  • Tantra Classes: From meditation and breath work to yoga, we have practices every single week to tap into movement, breath and mind body connection to support you in your day to day life. You’ll feel uplifted, something has shifted or a new perspective has come to you by doing these practices. 
  • Tantric Practices: Together, we will share weekly technical Tantra Practice classes. You’ll learn about all kinds of practices incorporating kundalini, your inner energy channel, chakras, the ecstatic body and MUCH more. We’ll give you the technical information so that you can practice the techniques both in class and in your private time so you can master these techniques and incorporate them into your sex and your life so you can feel more alive, more open and more happy.  
  • Tantric Rituals: Each week we’ll get together in a Tantric Ritual. The music is gently flowing, you’ll be guided and facilitated into profound spiritual rituals where you will meet each other and share intimate and profound sacred sharing. In doing these rituals you’ll feel profoundly touched, moved and loved. You will have experiences and sensations that are sometimes ecstatic, arousing and sensual and so you will often feel the “specialness” of these moments and you’ll meet yourself in a more expanded way.   
  • Themed Community Connection: We have tantric movie nights, a weekly tantric book club, body celebration art classes and more so you get to have  shared activities that bond us closer together as our tantra family. 
  • Curated Tantra Content & Go Lives: You’ll frequent articles and posts about Tantra, thoughtful images from our amazing sexy Tantra library. And “Go Live’s” hosted by different facilitators and guests. You’ll get informed and inspired about the practice of Tantra so you will know more and be more enlightened. 

This community gives you the opportunity to “be more you”, “be less guarded” and “express yourself freely” to explore new parts of yourself you did not know existed. Here you will make intimate friends forever! You might feel a bit awkward to begin with, like going to a party where you don’t know anyone, but that will subside very quickly as we become friends. 

“What am AMAZING Resource! My life has been profoundly changed by the existence of this amazing resource! I’ve never seen so many gay men connecting—let alone online—in such a profoundly nourishing and life-giving way. And I’m meeting some GREAT play buddies, too! Yum! Thank you! Love Brad”

“What an amazing group of people! I so grateful to have found a home! Thank you for Jason and Ingo, excellent teachers who are humble and wise!”. 
“Great Community, Gained profound learnings about myself through this app. How to be with myself. And other men”.

“Singularly Unique - A fascinating place for men of all orientations to gain deeper insight into themselves”.

“I'm thrilled with what this app has accomplished. It connects like-minded guys in a network of brotherhood looking to have their best life”. 

“Meaningful online connections with other men. And inspiring events”. 

Here, we see people make lifelong friends that they didn't imagine possible. We see men step in with fear and emerge feeling more love than they've ever known or dared hope for. 

Here, you get to feel unconditional love, and share this back with heart, hugs and sincerity."

This is a secure, safe and private place to come and be all of you and to discover the parts of you that you didn’t know existed yet. 

This is the most incredible community, and we want to let you in on it - complimentary - to experience the unbelievable bliss and joy men from around the world are getting every day. 


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